Soft and Delicate
Graceful and Elegant
Fear not, you are Strong
Your determination expands
As a pelican
Distinguished your inner beauty
Implode all negativity
You define Serenity
You are pretty
Deep and Beneath
I cherish the man who cherishes your smile
I envy his dreams because
He enjoys your compatibility
You are truly a Queen
My utmost dream
Thought you should know
You are Special

  • About Poem

    By RandalVerde | Poetry.com | Posted 3 years ago
  • My personal interpretation of young love matured.

A Woman's Body

The origin of a womans body was brought here
to deflect all negativity
It travels at high velocity
It sacrifices all hypocrisy
It evades bullets and drops all guns
Reverses polarity
Can't you see? Its in her eyes
There is where it relies
There is where you'll survive
Some way, some how
There is nothing like her
You can turn
You can search
You can mourn
You'll never find someone
Like the body
Of the one who was there
When you were first born

  • About Poem

    By RandalVerde | Poetry.com | Posted 3 years ago
  • A poem about my mother and all that she means to me. While writing this I not only remember the value of my mom but that of my grandmother along with all the powerful and influential women in my life. I believe the value of women can not be measured, but this is my attempt at defining such.


Intrusion, Conclusion, Sub fusion, Heated motion
Commotion, Withholding my passion
Relaxing, Be cool down
Be mellow, A taste to fester
Never leaves the heart,Displaced of pleasure
A soft touch of perspiration,Moist tension
Insinuates your beauty, Squishy perfection
Lovely reflections
Lofty perplexing,My mind
Envisions the blessings
Perplexing what is vexed
Your touch is enough to rest
My soul, Resurrect
Thick as cheese, Tough yet sweet
My mind believes I'm seeing a dream, But
Reality has flaws...So how are you real?
Instill in my heart, The thoughts of yours
I await the beat of one
I listen intently, deep beneath
The bosom of yours

  • About Poem

    By RandalVerde | Poetry.com | Posted 3 years ago
  • The piercing complexity of emotions.